TH15 Ltd, is a UK based Company with an extensive background in technology development. We manufacture KN95 FFP2 face masks, portable UVC sanitising enclosures and UVC lighting systems within our facility in China.


All our products are qualified through BSI


Our KN95 FFP2 face masks are proven effective in preventing the transmission of COVID 19 and our portable UVC sanitising enclosures decontaminate non-invasive medical equipment and electronic devices using proven UVC light technology. The portable UVC sanitising enclosures are not just ideal for hospitals but can provide an ideal decontamination solution within hotels, restaurants, offices and much more.


Our mission

When it comes to epidemic preparedness, prevention is better than cure is particularly fitting. Prevention is about helping people stay healthy, happy, and independent for as long as possible. At TH15 we are looking to help you better prepare for any future threat and deal with the current threat of Covid-19.


Curious on the basics of Covid-19?

What is coronavirus? How is it spread? What are the symptoms? How do I prepare? It’s normal to have many questions about Covid-19, especially as the situation is changing by the day. As the outbreak and global response evolves, the World Health Organization is a good one-stop-shop for the most up-to-date information on how to protect yourself and others.


Green credentials

We understand that during epidemics sight can be lost of the bigger picture for a greener future. It is hoped that a positive outcome of Covid-19 will be that we will emerge with a greener economy and with a different set of priorities as a society. We at TH15 Ltd, are looking to engage and to transform the mask disposal process. We are working with our factory and material suppliers to reduce the material waste at source. We are also working with re-use applications for the masks and in the logistics collection of waste masks from public and work disposal sites.